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US-2012005867-A1: Multi-Purpose Adjustable Retaining Device patent, US-2012035858-A1: Device for electrically measuring at least one parameter of a mammal's tissue patent, US-2012076583-A1: vibration tamper for compacting subsoil patent, US-2012112436-A1: Golf Bag Cart Foldable Device patent, US-2012135101-A1: Blow-molding device provided with means for attaching, by suction, a half-mold to a back wall of a corresponding recess of a mold carrier patent, US-2012150102-A1: Method for optimizing tidal therapies employing ultrafiltrate trending patent, US-2012150199-A1: Laparoscopic suturing instrument with dual-action needle graspers patent, US-2012194023-A1: Electric motor patent, US-2012216207-A1: Dynamic techniques for optimizing soft real-time task performance in virtual machine patent, US-2013013246-A1: Method and apparatus for post-silicon testing patent, US-2013037122-A1: Pressure influencing assembly for an aircraft auxiliary system patent, US-2013081423-A1: Refrigerator patent, US-2013194011-A1: Power-on reset circuit patent, US-2013298236-A1: Systems and methods for identifying, deterring and/or delaying attacks to a network using shadow networking techniques patent, US-2013340208-A1: Cable bundle tie apparatus patent, US-2013340906-A1: D speed agriculture tires patent, US-2014002305-A1: Patch-based proximity sensors, antennas, and control systems to control antennas based on corresponding proximity measures patent, CN-101741365-A: 交直流过流保护固态继电器 patent, US-2014072312-A1: Dock for a portable electronic device patent, US-2014114890-A1: Probability model estimation device, method, and recording medium patent, US-2014190537-A1: Portable Infrared Heating Field Tent patent, US-2014228176-A1: Trampoline patent, US-2014238310-A1: Pet deshedding tool patent, US-2014365389-A1: Interactive Organization Visualization Tools For Use in Analyzing Multivariate Human-Resource Data of Organizations patent, US-2015003908-A1: Traffic monitoring apparatus patent, US-2015025909-A1: Method for searching a text (or alphanumeric string) database, restructuring and parsing text data (or alphanumeric string), creation/application of a natural language processing engine, and the creation/application of an automated analyzer for the creation of medical reports patent, US-2015068331-A1: Decelerating and reversing device for marine vessel patent, US-2010145566-A1: Method and facility for estimating a measure of friction patent, US-2010176132-A1: Vessel port configured for use with a glove bag patent, US-2010260555-A1: Cantilever skidding system on a drilling rig patent, US-2010308684-A1: Motor with Detacthable Winding Assemblies patent, US-2011029937-A1: Pattern evaluating method, pattern generating method, and computer program product patent, US-2011066292-A1: Vibration control device and vehicle patent, US-2011195887-A1: Aqueous acidic formulations for copper oxide etch residue removal and prevention of copper electrodeposition patent, US-2011244720-A1: Rf connector patent, US-2011302907-A1: Variable area fan nozzle patent, US-2012063859-A1: Drill Bit patent, US-2012174030-A1: Navigating among higher-level and lower-level windows on a computing device patent, US-2012299280-A1: Protective Device for Trucks patent, US-2012317414-A1: Method and system for securing documents on a remote shared storage resource patent, US-2012324417-A1: Systems and methods for incremental software development patent, US-2013108159-A1: Method and apparatus for automatically identifying character segments for character recognition patent, US-2013146745-A1: Modular mandrel for a molding system patent, US-2013159788-A1: Operation verification support device, operation verification support method and operation verification support program patent, US-2013227001-A1: Apparatus and method for moving a ui by using html patent, US-2013270202-A1: Motorcycle stand patent, US-2014006113-A1: Eligibility assistance in social media offer system patent, US-2014111333-A1: dB patent, US-2014223295-A1: Geographic Based Spell Check patent, US-2014240442-A1: Remote telepresence server patent, US-2014262660-A1: Universal wheeled bag system patent, US-2014266176-A1: Magnetic Field Sensor and Associated Method That Can Store a Measured Threshold Value in a Memory Device During a Time When The Magnetic Field Sensor is Powered Off patent, US-2014327481-A1: Digital hybrid mode power amplifier system patent, US-2015012557-A1: Minimizing result set size when converting from asymmetric to symmetric requests patent, US-2015084318-A1: Airbag device patent, US-2010141151-A1: X-ray tube and method for examining a target by scanning with an electron beam patent, US-2010190891-A1: Polyefin compositions with highly crystalline cellulose regenrate fibers patent, US-2010209206-A1: Cutting tool components with wear-resistant cladding layer patent, US-2011007707-A1: Time-Alignment at Handover patent, US-2011035857-A1: Apron, towel and bath wrap for infants and toddlers patent, US-2011038698-A1: Motor driven ladder rack system patent, US-2011204125-A1: Low temperature bonding material and bonding method patent, US-2012117146-A1: Method and system for aggregating music in the cloud patent, US-2012121967-A1: Non-Aqueous Electrolyte Battery patent, US-2012166168-A1: Methods and systems for fault-tolerant power analysis patent, US-2012218237-A1: Display panel and display apparatus patent, US-2012233677-A1: Communication device, method for providing a data service, communication terminal, and method for requesting a data service patent, US-2012295483-A1: Multi-Function Power Strip patent, US-2013074312-A1: Method of joining magnesium patent, US-2013179309-A1: Methods and Systems For Restocking Inventory patent, US-2013211419-A1: System for image-based robotic surgery patent, US-2013246613-A1: Analysis method and information processing apparatus patent, US-2013263094-A1: Setting breakpoints in optimized instructions patent, US-2014006169-A1: Application marketplace for online advertising applications patent, US-2014163966-A1: Identifying glossary terms from natural language text documents patent, US-2014195429-A1: Method for protecting cardholder data in a mobile device that performs secure payment transactions and which enables the mobile device to function as a secure payment terminal patent, US-2014234817-A1: Systems and methods for helping students achieve academic success and persist through college patent, US-2014295999-A1: Eli's Springback Tee patent, US-2015023185-A1: Method and apparatus for use of a relay schemed to facilitate efficient broadcast communication in device to device environment patent, US-2015065962-A1: Injection device with needle shield patent, US-2010190129-A1: Combination dental hand tool patent, US-2010210399-A1: Multi-speed transmission having four planetary gear sets patent, US-2010305763-A1: Pipeline flow control optimization software and methods patent, US-2011004979-A1: Medical/surgical personal protection system including a light assembly arranged so that heat generated by the assembly is exhausted away from the assembly patent, US-2011025726-A1: Hold-type image display apparatus and display method using the hold-type image display apparatus patent, US-2011181111-A1: Smart Powering and Pairing System and Related Method patent, US-2011271010-A1: I/o bandwidth reduction using storage-level common page information patent, US-2012016716-A1: Joint multi-channel configuration optimization for retail industry patent, US-2012304967-A1: Ultra Efficient Engine patent, US-2013096674-A1: Minimally-invasive prosthetic heart valve method patent, US-2013246773-A1: Hardware based run-time instrumentation facility for managed run-times patent, US-2014157268-A1: Consent-based virtual machine migration patent, US-2014198859-A1: Power line communication system synchronization patent, US-2015058390-A1: Storage of Arbitrary Points in N-Space and Retrieval of Subset Thereof Based on a Determinate Distance Interval from an Arbitrary Reference Point patent, US-2010111631-A1: Tool for Finishing the Ends of Surgical Rods and Methods of Use patent, US-2010141024-A1: Braking energy recovery system for a vehicle and vehicle equipped with same patent, US-2010199236-A1: Method and apparatus for performing rlc modeling and extraction for three-dimensional integrated circuit (3d-ic) designs patent, US-2010264683-A1: Center stack patent, US-2011181309-A1: Test apparatus and test module patent, US-2011222786-A1: Classifying an image's compression level patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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